Harem Club (Gentleman’s Club)


Harem Club is the latest and the most luxurious bar on the whole Phuket, the perfect place to end a perfect day in a memorable way on a tropical island. We spent a lot of time and effort in the design, the lighting and the sound system to make the club as unique as it can be.

Come and sit in our plush sofas of red velvet, enjoy our drinks and let our beautiful ladies sit with you and keep you company. Let us make this evening special, and you will have the party of a lifetime: this will be the most unforgettable night of your holiday (if not of your life!)

Don’t be intimidated by the plush decor, just like any of our clubs, the entrance of our club is totally free. As you walk in front of our club, you will be invited to have a look inside. Go ahead and don’t be shy, our team is always friendly and you can walk away if you don’t like what you see, which never happens.

Now, if you like what you see, have a seat, order a drink and watch our pretty dancers: our drinks are very affordable and the prices are reasonable!

As mentioned above, the entrance at Harem Club is totally FREE! If you decide to join the party, your bill will ALWAYS come with your drink, no overcharge, no rip-off, and no bad surprises. We make sure of that and we are proud of it!

Harem has also become the largest club in Phuket and is known to have the prettiest ladies, but don’t take our word for it, you need to come and have a look for yourself

Entrance is totally FREE, and beers start at 79 Baht! Your bill ALWAYS comes with your drink, no overcharge, no rip off and no bad surprise. We make sure of that, and we are proud of it!

Harem Club Map